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Plug-ins: Custom JavaScript

There are three different ways to include JavaScript functionality into your pages.  These are alternatives that can be used individually or in combination.

  1. Including JavaScript in your template files while you are building them in DreamWeaver. The advantage of this methodis that on every page that uses the same template, it will have theJavaScript you included. This method also allows you to use such things asonLoad in the body tag.
  2. Attach a file.js to your designs in DreamWeaver and then upload the html and js files as part of the design templates.  The advantage here is the same as in alternative #1 above.
  3. Including JavaScript on a single page using a Content Area. Using theText Editor in the content area, you can switch to 'Source' view, and pastein chunk of JavaScript which will be executed when the page is loaded. You may want to use this method if you only have one page in particular that needs JavaScript, or if you need to be testing and tweaking the JavaScript.

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