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NON-Dynamic Navigation 


Some projects require more than just navigation blocks or drop-down menus.  For example, our promotional website has images across the top that act as the main navigation for the site.  These images are the hexagons shown in Figure I.  However, as you can see from Figure II we also have a block of links running down the left-hand side of the page.


You can incorporate different kinds of links into your designs.

  • Links to pages within the soon-to-be content management system.  Note that if you use this trick, you must test the link and create the actual page prior to handing the site over to the owner.
<a href="clearsite://home">Home</a>
  • Links to other websites.
<a href="">Find Things</a>
  • Links to documents.
<a href="dox/file.pdf">Product Overview</a>

Note that you must click each of these while you are testing the design - before handing the site over to the owner. 

Figure I
Figure I
FIgure II
FIgure II

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