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Plug-ins: Publishing to an FTP Location 

When activated, this plug-in forces a website that is powered by Clear Site to produce an HTML copy of itself and move that copy to another server via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).


  • Some companies may want to host their own website, or have a previous hosting contract with another firm.  In this case they can log into Clear Site to edit their pages, and those changes will appear on both copies of the site.
  • Larger web systems will have both content pages and highly specialized, functional pages.  In this case there will be a partial copy of the site which can be edited via Clear Site.  The changes will result in HTML pages (along with any images, etc) being pushed over to the real server.  Links between content pages and functional pages can be made and maintained in the standard ways using the Clear Site editing tools.
  • Although we have not lost a customer yet (1 year & 8 months in operation) — a client may choose to leave Clear Site.  In that case this plug-in can be used to turn the site over to a new firm without releasing our code base.


  1. The developer of the site must log into Clear Site.
  2. From the developer's portal click "Sites".
  3. Click "Configure" next to the site in question.
  4. Scroll down to the "Site Options" section.
  5. Tick "Remote Publishing" and fill in the FTP information as provided by the administrator of the destination FTP server.
  6. Click "Save Changes".

Now that the FTP information has been saved, you may want to push the site over to the new server.  You can do this by clicking "Enforce Design Changes" in the "Upload Designs & Manage Files" section of the site configuration page.  From this point forward FTP transmissions will take place automatically whenever an update is made to the site.

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