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Plug-ins: Site Owner Support System

When the owner of a website that is powered by Clear Site Technology logs into their site editing system — they will be able to surf their site and change what they want to change.  However, on occasion they will require the assistance of a developer.  For example, the site may require a new graphic or complex table structure.

In the bottom right hand corner of each page of the site there will be a "request support" button.  This button is only visible in edit mode and functions as a quick and effective way for the website owner to send you (the site designer) an e-mail.

E-mail via the "request support" button is preferable over standard e-mail because the message body will include a link to the page that the site owner was on when they ran into trouble.  Nine times out of ten you will be able to use Clear Site editing tools to resolve the problem. Having a direct link to the page right in the e-mail message allows you to fix the problem quickly.  (i.e.: no time wasted trying to figure out which page they were talking about.)

Copy & Paste

New site owners may not understand how much time (cost) can be saved by using the "request support" button rather than standard e-mail.  If you have a client who is sending you e-mails about specific pages — send them this text passage as part of your response.

When you are logged in to your website there is a "request support" button at the bottom of every page.  This button allows you to send me a note and attach a file if necessary.  When I receive your note I will also receive a link to the page in question.

Using this button to discuss page specific issues will save time and money, because a great deal of time can be lost trying to track down the page containing the error.

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