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Tutorials: Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are not directly related to Clear Site's software, and they do not effect the development process.  However, Clear Site does make it easy for website owners to modify their content to accommodate the requirements of the affiliate program.

What are affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs allow website owners to earn cash by sending traffic to other sites — or selling the products of other companies for a commission.  When the owner of a website joins an affiliate program, they will be provided with some HTML to put on their site.  This HTML allows the organizer of the affiliate program to track clicks and/or purchases and distribute commissions accordingly.

Finding an Affiliate Program

Just do a google search for "affiliate programs".  You can narrow the search by including a description of the industry in question.

Inserting HTML

There are two ways that new HTML can be inserted into a page.

  • The website owner can ask you to add the HTML to the design templates — thus forcing the new code onto every page of the site.
  • The website owner can open the online text editor by clicking "change text" while they are viewing a page in edit mode.  In the bottom right-hand corner of the text editor toolbar there is a "Source" option which allows the user to edit the actual HTML which is produced by the text edit.  Inserting the new HTML here will cause it to appear within the body of text.
Search: Affiliate Programs
Search: Affiliate Programs

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