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Tutorials: Dynamic Content 

It is important that website owners are able to switch back and forth between the different page designs you have made for them without losing any content.  For example, Figure I shows a page design with two navigation bars and a text area.  Figure II shows a page design with only one navigation bar, and a similar text area.  The owner of this website should be able to switch back and forth without losing any text.

Making the Layout Switch Possible

Each "clearsite" tag contains at least two attributes — "module" and "name".

<clearsite module="contentarea" name="textarea1">
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Suspendisse et velit.
    Nunc vulputate ante sed dui scelerisque congue. Praesent pretium eros et nisi.
    Duis in mauris ac enim mollis fermentum. Vivamus nulla. Sed nec tortor ac est
    fermentum dapibus. Pellentesque non urna at sem mollis pellentesque. Mauris felis
    purus, convallis nec, ornare sit amet, lacinia vitae, mauris.

If two different layouts contain "clearsite" tags with the same "module" and "name" values (i.e.: identical tags) — then the owner of the website will be able to switch between the two layouts without loosing any content.  Note that the tags do not have to be in the same visual position on the page.

  • To switch between design templates, click on the "change layout" button near the top right corner of the page in question when you are editing the site.

The Example Designs

In the three screen shots there are two pages with text content and one page with a photo album table.  The owner of the site will be able to switch back and forth between the two text layouts and viewing the same text content.  Additionally, they may (accidentally) select the photo album layout — and then come back to one of the text layouts, without losing any content.

Figure I
Figure I
Figure II
Figure II
Figure III
Figure III

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