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DreamWeaver Toolbar: Drop-Down Navigation 

This module allows the owner of the website to build and manage a hierarchal menu system.  The hierarchal menu system is intended to function as the main navigation for the site and will most likely appear on every page.  Therefore, when the menu system is updated by the site owner (or some other logged in user) the entire site is updated.  For more information please see the tutorial on dynamic navigation.


  • Works for (IE 5.5+ PC), (Mozilla 1+ Mac and PC), (Opera 7+)
  • Add, remove, rename links.
  • Links can lead to new pages, existing pages, external URLs, or uploaded files

User Documentation

Deemed unnecessary.


  1. Open an HTML file in DreamWeaver.
  2. Place the cursor at the insertion point (in code view or design view).
  3. Go to the Clear Site toolbar and click the  icon.

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