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DreamWeaver Toolbar: Supplier Showcase

Third-parties play a major roll in making Clear Site a powerful solution for website owners and developers.  Currently, we offer the following third-party solutions as part of Clear Site.


  • PayPal: A Clear Site e-Revenue solution will attach itself to a PayPal account if you provide the e-mail address of a PayPal subscriber.  PayPal account fees only apply to transactions.  There is no set-up fee.  PayPal accounts are capable of accepting numerous credit cards as well as money transfers from other PayPal subscribers.
  • LiveBusinessCard: Providing website owners with streaming content.  Visit LBC...
  • Glance Networks: Providing desktop connections between website owners and their clients.  Visit Glance...
  • more coming soon...

User Documentation

Clear Site requires that our third-party solution providers make user documentation available to our website owners.


Third-party solutions are installed in two steps.  First, the third-party solutions must be made available to the website owner.  Second, the website owner must order from the list of available solutions.

The decision to make third-party solutions available to the website owner is made during the design phase.  If you wish to have third-party solutions available...

  1. Open an HTML file in DreamWeaver.
  2. Place the cursor at the insertion point (in code view or design view).  The insertion point should be a large blank portion of the page because each third-party solution will represent the primary content on that page.  For example, a LiveBusinesscard online presentation is roughly 450px wide and 350px tall.
  3. Go to the Clear Site toolbar and click the  icon.

When the owner of a website wishes to order something from an approved third-party, they will be able to do so through the content management features of their website.

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