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DreamWeaver Toolbar: Banner Advertisements 

The banner advertisement module can be used by the website owner to manage a set of images.  Each image can be associated with a web address.  The module can display one image (advertisement) at a time, or flip through a stack of images using a timer.  When an image is clicked by a normal web surfer, the associated web address is loaded.


  • Random or ordered image rotation.
  • Images can load once when the page is loaded, or rotate on a timer.
  • Images can be de-activated without being deleted from the list.
  • Images (advertisements) can appear throughout the site, or be restricted to certain pages.

User Documentation

Deemed unnecessary.


  1. Open an HTML file in DreamWeaver.
  2. Place the cursor at the insertion point (in code view or design view).
  3. Go to the Clear Site toolbar and click the  icon.

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