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Code Snippets: General Overview

This section of is intended for developers who do not use DreamWeaver.  The code snippets provided in this section are identical to the code that is inserted by the Clear Site DreamWeaver toolbar.  You will be able to paste these pieces of code into your HTML to complete your Clear Site projects without DreamWeaver.


Please use the drop-down navigation menu to access any of these topics and find the related code snippets.


Supplier Showcase

Allows the owner of the website to incorporate third-party software and content solutions into their website.

Display Page Title

Prints the page title into your HTML such that it can be styled easily.

Content Area

Inserts an editable text region into your page design that can be updated by the owner of the website via a full featured text editor.

Replaceable Flash Media

Creates a place holder on the page where a flash file can be displayed.  The owner of the website can replace this flash piece with new ones (which they will likely order from you).

Replaceable Image

Creates a place holder on the page where an image file can be displayed.

Replaceable Rollover Image(s)

Creates a place holder on the page where a rollover image pair can be displayed.

Photo Gallery

Allows the owner of a website to maintain an image gallery.  This module takes a lot of the work out of building an online image gallery. It takes the uploaded image and creates two copies, a small, high quality preview, and a web friendly copy.  The original is discarded.

In short, this module creates a table of replaceable images.

Drop-down Navigation Scheme

Allows the owner of the website to build and manage a hierarchal menu system.  The hierarchal menu system is intended to function as the main navigation for the site and will most likely appear on every page.  Therefore, when the menu system is update by the site owner (or some other logged in user) the entire site is updated.

Navigation Block

This module allows the owner of the website to build and manage a block of links as part of their websites overall navigation scheme.  Each navigation block (minimum 1, maximum unlimited) will contribute to the websites navigation. 

Product Catalog

Allows the owner of a website to build and maintain an online store front. Surfers will be able to shop, check-out, and pay by credit card or PayPal money transfer.

Banner Advertisements

The banner advertisement module can be used by the website owner to manage a set of images.  Each image can be associated with a web address.  The module displays one image at a time. When an image is clicked, the associated web address is loaded.

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